Get Rid of Unwanted Trees Safely

Tree removal can be a tricky job, but this Loganville, GA company does it right

No one likes the look of dead or diseased trees. If you want your yard to look it's best, it's a good idea to schedule tree removal as soon as you notice a problem. Atlanta United Tree Service, LLC is a top choice for residents of Loganville, GA and the surrounding area.

We're an experienced tree removal company that puts the customer first. Reach out today to learn more about our services.

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5 types of trees you should have removed

It can sometimes be difficult to tell when you need tree removal, but we've put together a list of the five types of trees that often need to be removed to help you decide. It's a good idea to call a tree removal company if you have a tree that is:

  1. Dead and beginning to decay
  2. Showing signs of disease
  3. Overhanging your home or building
  4. In an inconvenient location
  5. Leaning or looking at risk of falling

Once you schedule an appointment, we'll get right to work. Call today to get the project started.